Susmita Mahanta

He is a nice and experienced doctor.. Very humble. I recommend him for kidney stones treatment.

Keerthi K

I have consulted for kidney stones. Dr.Rajeev is highly professional. I am very very satisfied with the way he attend patient and the explanation he gives. I recommend to everyone.

Narasimha Rao Nukala

I underwent Lithotripsy treatment at this clinic for a stone of 7.5 mm size at left PUJ. One sitting was enough for me. Very good doctor, treatment is nice, Will answer patiently for all your questions.

Sheetal Gupta

I was suffering from 1.3 cm left kidney stone. I was advised to undergo a laser surgery at a reputed hospital in Bangalore. I took second opinion at Matoshree and got to know about ESWL as an option. Dr Rajeev explained to me in detail about the procedure and i was convinced. To my surprise, my stone got cleared in just one sitting. I had minimal pain after the procedure but i was able to do my office work without any problem. Surprisingly this treatment option without surgery was never given to me in my previous hospital. The cost was also very less compared to the Surgery. Highly recommended for patients suffering from kidney stones. Thanks Matoshree.

Sangmesh R Seege

I have consulted Dr Rajeev for my 11mm kidney stone and he appropriately convinced that stone is operable by lithotripsy. Before coming to Matoshree clinic, i had consulted at other hospitals but both doctors told that Ureteroscopic surgery is only option according to position of stone. I was bit worried about uteroscopic surgery and stent procedures. I underwent lithotripsy procedure and my stone got cleared in first week itself after first sitting. I am very happy with the treatment provided by Dr Rajeev and his patience to answer patient queries.All the best sir, and keep treating patients by your best approach

Sneha Madinur

Very patient and attentive. Dr. Bashetty was helpful throughout my bilateral lithotripsy and made me feel as comfortable as one could get during the process. Prior to having the procedure at Matoshree, I had one session at Apollo and it was not only super painful, uncomfortable , a technician conducted the procedure and he was speeding through the procedure which made me nauseous and throw up. I went to Matoshree with this additional paranoia. However, the patience and understanding shown by Dr.Bashetty ensured that I not only got over the fear of the procedure but felt comfortable through out. He has an holistic approach to treating kidney stones. I recommend him highly. I only wish I had known of him before undergoing avoidable procedures at Apollo.

Mrs Prabha

I'm really happy with the treatment provided by Dr Rajeev Bashetty. Dr Rajeev has attended to me with utmost patience and had answers to all my relevant and irrelevant queries:). I was totally fearless to undergo the treatment under Dr Rajeev and though came to the clinic unprepared, willingly undertook the lithotripsy treatment immediately after my brief discussion with the doctor. I surely can tell it is much convincing to go to this doctor as i had visited a bigger hospital like Manipal wherein i was suggested for a surgery. But Dr Rajeev built in so much of confidence in the first visit itself and assured that the 12mm stone which i had could be easily removed by his treatment and i can surely say his words miraculously worked for me and the stone was removed in less than a week. Least to mention that though the first 3 days after the treatment was a painful experience but the doctor was always available to attend to me and provide suitable suggestions and advice which built in so much of confidence in the process. I surely recommend Dr Rajeev for every kidney stone patient. He also suggested me a normal life & food routine with no excess diet control after the removal which i dont think we will be recommended in any other place.

A small suggestion to Dr Rajeev that if in case we will be provided some pain killer injections or some such treatment after the procedure which could ease the pain for the first night would be appreciable though i'm not sure why he does not recommend.

Reddi Charan

Dr. Rajeev Bashetty Is good, efficient and experienced doctor. Suggestable clinic for kidney stone treatment.

Satish Sista

Doctor Rajeev is an expert in the field of stone removal. The Lithotripsy procedure is far simple without any surgical process. My sister had a very big stone and almost all doctors said, no process other than surgery will help. But Dr Rajeev gave us all the different options, and finally based on my sister's health, we took the lithotripsy option. It worked well. With 3 sittings he completed the stone removal.

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