I consulted Dr.Rajeev Bashetty for my mother-in-law’s Kidney stone problem. She was suffering from a 3 cm staghorn calculus for the past 6 years. He inspected all medical reports very patiently and explained various treatment options with their pros and cons. Based on his assessment, he suggested PCNL over ESWL. 

My mother-in-law had multiple health related issues like Heart, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Obesity etc. We wanted to avoid surgery if possible and I took a second opinion from all the well known Urologists from reputed hospitals in Bangalore. But every where I was recommended PCNL.  I was convinced the way Dr. Rajeev received and listened to us and explained the medical condition and treatment. Moreover, making me understand and involved me in decision making of  the treatment. 

Then I discussed with Dr. Rajeev and requested for the possibility of ESWL. He analysed the case once again and due to the soft nature of the calculi he recommended to give it a try for ESWL. In the due course we built tremendous confidence about Dr. Rajeev's  ability in treating the problem with care and make the  patient feel at ease.

We decided to go ahead with  ESWL treatment and a total of 3 sittings were given. During the treatment, my mother in law passed the blasted small stones in the urine without any problems. A CT scan was repeated after 3rd sitting and to our surprise no stone was found in the right kidney.

My mother-in-law was completely happy knowing this result. To be honest, Dr. Rajeev is very pleasant in listening to Patients, very efficient in deciding the treatment after assessing patient's medical condition and confident in executing the Procedures. My mother in law is so comfortable, even though she was not able to understand English or Kannada. I appreciate his dedication, involvement in treating the problem. The good part of it is he himself performed the Eswl procedure, he ensured that each wave was targeted to the stone and not to the kidney which helped to clear such a big stone in just 3 sittings.

My mother-in-law is so happy now and she is actively moving around. I proudly recommend Dr. Rajeev for my relatives, well wishers  and friends for any kidney stone issues for safe and good results.

with warm regards

DPRao and family.

The doctor's approach towards the problem was very positive and made me feel very comfortable with his soothing words and smiling face. One of the awesomest soul I have ever met! :)

Mr Paresh Mohan

My feedback:  I'm really happy with the treatment provided by Dr Rajeev Bashetty.  Dr Rajeev has attended to me with utmost patience and had answers to all my relevant and irrelevant queries:).  I was totally fearless to undergo the treatment under Dr Rajeev and though came to the clinic unprepared, willingly undertook the lithotripsy treatment immediately after my brief discussion with the doctor.  I surely can tell it is much convincing to go this doctor as i had visited a bigger hospital like Manipal wherein i was suggested for a surgery.  But Dr Rajeev built in so much of confidence in the first visit itself and assured that the 12mm stone which i had could be easily removed by his treatment and i can surely say his words miraculously worked for me and the stone was removed in less than a week.  Least to mention that though the first 3 days after the treatment was a painful experience but the doctor was always available to attend to me and provide suitable suggestions and advice which built in so much of confidence in the process.  I surely recommend Dr Rajeev for every kidney stone patient.  He also suggested me a normal life & food routine with no excess diet control after the removal which i dont think we will be recommended in any other place.

A small suggestion to Dr Rajeev that if in case we will be provided some pain killer injections or some such treatment after the surgery which could ease the pain for the first day would be appreciable though i'm not sure why he does not recommend.


Mrs Prabha Ravi

Dr Rajeev Bashetty is one of the finest hands in the field of surgery. His Honesty and Dedication towards his patients is exemplary. He takes up his tasks of attending and personally taking care of his patients in a very efficient manner with a human touch. He instills lots of confidence in his patients. I was suffering from Multiple Renal Calculi which was very difficult to treat. Dr Rajeev explained the problem in a clear manner and its associated complications. He also mentioned about the difficulty in clearing the entire stone in one PCNL tract and multiple tracts may be required. He also mentioned about the possibility of residual calculus after the surgery. He performed the surgery without any complications and my entire stone was removed except for a few small fragments which were managed by lithotripsy later. 

I thank him and wish him all the best. We would sincerely recommend him to our known circle


Md Mehdi Kamdar,

Raipur, Chattisgarh.


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